Sunday, 16 October 2011

Tiger's Nest

I've gotten to the point where every day seems to be 'an early day'. This morning was a 5.30 wake-up and off, after a swift Brekkie, to Tiger's Nest, a famous Temple. The truck ride was less than an hour. Ben strongly advised us to buy a walking stick. A warning went off in my head - read "serious gradient ahead".

So it proved to be.

The ascent is in two sections, the first being more demanding. Starting at around 6,500 feet and with nearly 1,000 feet of climbing, this is not a walk for the faint-hearted. At the half way point there is a tea house and, for those with reservations about doing the whole thing, a trusty steed is available for hire.

Okay, perhaps I exaggerate. Robbie would be dismayed if I took to a mule instead of trekking. Don't be, Robbie - of course I walked. But two of our group decided to take the four legged option. The mules weren't so sure. After a mere 150m the mules decided they had had enough and stopped. Not one further millimetre would they carry their charges. How embarrassing! I feel a Limerick coming on. . .

The first section got a good sweat going. The second wasn't as severe but I could feel some shortness of breath. Then - the good bit - no fewer than 450 steps down before around the same number up to the temple itself. I will upload a couple of photos when I next have access to a PC - the setting is amazing.

Oh, did I mentioned, there is a chance we might see the new King tomorrow in our local town Paro - must dash and find my best threads. . .

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