Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Aspire! Discovering your purpose through the power of words

This is an interesting little book built around 11 key words - the idea being to force us to address some really important issues relevant to each and every one of us.

Here are the 11 words with a brief description (and a challenge - as much for myself as the reader)

1. Genshai - never treat anyone on a manner that would make them feel small. And that includes yourself. (Think of someone you don't like and try applying this. . .better, apply it to yourself)

2. Pathfinder - recognise your personal strengths and cultivate an ability to read the signs that will enable you to figure out where you should be headed. Follow your bliss - be ready to sacrifice now to achieve your goals.(what are your personal strengths? Try one of the tests on www.authentic

3. Namaste - Gandhi defined this as 'I honour the place in you of light, love, truth, peace and wisdom'. (What one word defines you?)

4. Passion - just about anything is possible if you are prepared to pay the price. (Do you know what you want? Are you prepared to pay the price?)

5. Sapere Verdere - Knowing how to see. You have to be able to envision the future - that requires the ability to know how to see where you are at the moment. (Can you see? Can you describe your personal vision?)

6. Humility - watch what happens when you regard yourself as an empty bucket and every person you see as a well. (can you honestly say at the end of each day that you looked at everyone you met as your teacher?)

7. Inspire - Literally means 'breathe life into'. (Do you? people will never forget how you made them feel (good and bad)).

8. Empathy - literally, walk in the path on another.(But to do this, you have to LISTEN! Do you? Never assume anything.)

9. Coach - One who helps you try something new. A coach was originally designed to carry important people to their intended destination in luxury and comfort! Sensei. Guru. Maestro. Tutor. Guide. Lama. All in service to this purpose. (Can you bring that fresh perspective!)

10. Ollin - (pronounced 'all-in') means total commitment. Total. No holding back. (Can you bring that intensity of effort to your career? Your primary relationship? Your fitness?)

11. Integrity - "to thine own self be true". If we did all things we are capable of, we would truly astound ourselves. (Can you really say you are fulfilling your potential? Can you - every day - refresh your resolve to live with purpose?)

Questions. Questions. Questions.

If only the answers would come as quickly.

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