Wednesday, 5 October 2011

At the top of the world

4.50am. Rise and shine! Shower. Pack. Taxi. Off to see Mount Everest. You know, a typical Sunday morning.

The airport was predictable bedlam. I paid the airport tax (luckily I had the exact amount as a sign boldly announced "5R and 1000R ( approx Euro 10) notes not accepted")

Our Guide, Ben, told me it would probably be a 60 seater - eh, try 16! Cosy to say the least.

After a somewhat chaotic boarding procedure, we took off and quickly climbed to 19,000 feet. The initial view of the Valley quickly succumbed to the Big Boys: 20 peaks all over 20,000 feet with the Daddy of them all, Mount Everest at 29,028 feet.

We all got a turn to visit the cockpit (where the view was best) but we took pics from our window seats as well. The view was spectacular - the early morning sun glittered off the snowy peaks to great effect. By the time we got to 31,000 feet we really were "at the top of the world".

How lucky am I?

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