Saturday, 1 October 2011

Don't be selfish!

Don't give me anything! Please - don't be selfish.

I need reasons to get off the street - NOT to stay on them!

I'm too young to know that ANY of the nice things you may kindly give to me, WILL only encourage me to continue begging on the street.

I just don't realise that ALL the Nepali Rupees and foreign coins and biscuits and momo and fresh fruit and powdered milk and chocolate donuts and coca cola and dal bhat and sandwiches and pizza and friendly chats and heartfelt hugs and random trips to the cinema and novelty key rings and trips to the zoo and colouring pencils and t-shirts and sandals and blankets and All the other nice things that MANY generous people Do give me every day, WILL DO NOTHING MORE than keep me on these very Dangerous streets.

Here on the street many other children get trapped in destructive and violent lives of petty crime, drugs and prostitution. Every day I am encouraged to spend here by people like you, the chance of the same thing happening to me grows and any hope of the better life that you might wish for me gets smaller and smaller. . .

If I keep on getting 'help' from nice people like you, I will not take the long term help that IS offered to me by the many organisations tat DO work VERY hard to help children like me.

With an endless flow of tourists I CHOOSE to stay here, but once I am no longer cute enough to beg from people like you, I WILL eventually be TRAPPED in a hopeless life of hardship.

Of course, giving me something may make YOU feel a little better, but I promise you that it will NOT help ME at all!

A flyer put out by Declan Murphy who works with street kids.

Tough stuff.

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