Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Entropy: the gradual but unstoppable movement from order to chaos.

I wasn't expecting to reflect on this well known concept from physics. But, hey, I'm on vacation - I'm getting lots of time to reflect on things.

I was visiting a Temple this morning. It's not quite the case that "when you've seen one . . ." but there does develop a certain fatigue. A bit like the prospect of visiting yet another fabulous Chateau in the Loire Valley (must I?) or another fascinating medieval village church in rural France.

9.00am. We have already traveled for an hour on the truck and here we are at (another) Temple: bemused monks (from 7 to 70), snarling deities painted in garish relief on sacred shrine walls, prayer wheels rotating, the faintly soothing chant of devout monks of millennial old verses and a decaying temple structure.

Now I am not a Buddhist so the contents of these temples hold no religious significance for me. The same can be said (for me) of the grand Catholic cathedrals; but at least the craftsmanship there commands reverence and respect. Bold architectural realisations, paintings of the grand masters, ornate gold and silver work, intricate carvings in hard wood and more. But the temples: the majority seem to be crumbling before our very eyes.

I asked why they were not restored? maintained? respected?

I got a Buddhist answer: everything in life is impermanent. All is decay. That is why detachment is so important. if you're adoring the structures you've already missed the point.

It made me stop and think.

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