Saturday, 1 October 2011

Abseiling waterfalls - the Last Resort

The Last Resort - an adrenalin junkie retreat high in the Himalayas - had been recommended but was booked out. Well I wasn't going to do a bungy anyway. . .

Turned out the alternative - a farmhouse retreat 3 hours from Kathmandu - was also booked out. I had nowhere to stay.

So, on an off chance, I called into the office of the Last Resort and Hey Presto! They could take me for 2 nights. Magic. Well, except for a late-ish night, a 5am start and 3 hours of twisting mountainous roads with landslides to block our way (the monsoon rains have been unusually late).

The first choice was Canyoning - or abseiling down 7 waterfalls. Started nice and easy and steadily graduated to a 150 feet sheer vertical abseil - with the waterfall pounding on your head. Cool. Literally.

Oh and a nice leech stuck to my foot sucking blood good-oh. My friendly Nepali guide tossed a little salt on the poor blighter and it looked like he exploded. He should have known better than to try an illegal transfusion!

Now, what's next ?

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