Monday, 17 October 2011

Gross National Happiness - the Bhutan Way

Bhutan calls them Levers of Life. Here they are:

1. Be at all times positive and sensibly optimistic.

2. From time to time, analyse yourself and your direction in life.

3. Plan ahead to match your clearcut goals.

4. Schedule well, including quality family time and time out.

5. Meditate or pause to think things through at least once a day.

6. Build on your strengths.

7. Systematically make decisions and activities to a timeline; don't procrastinate.

8. Maturely balance the materialistic with the magnificent (e.g. natural events like sunrise and sunset).

9. Listen, read and learn. Be curious.

10. Laugh a lot.

11. Love your Maker whatever you conceive him to be - give something back to those you owe.

The cynics will be rolling their eyes already. The interesting thing is that these suggestions align very closely with the best that positive psychology research has demonstrated really works.

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