Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Scenery whether you like it or not

175k to Gelephu through the twistiest, steepest roads you could imagine. And yes, lest be any doubt, the most spectacular scenery ever.

We're actually getting to examine that assessment with loads of time because the damn truck has just broken down and it's serious. We're still 125k away in the middle of the mountains. You wanted adventure?

So, let's weight it up. Middle of mountain range in remotest Bhutan. It's Sunday. The initial triage suggests a con rod has broken (easily a 2 day job according to Ban). We have a packed lunch but no other provisions. We still have Ben's wife Bing with us who is 4/5 months pregnant. We are literally miles from anywhere. There is hardly a single vehicle on the road. We have to make it to Gelephu to connect with out train to Kolkata by tomorrow at 11.


On the positive side, Mike reckons this is a first got all of us! Right. Well, we have telephone reception and so have ordered 2 vehicles to come and get us. We also have a mechanic on the way.

Time will tell how long all of this takes.

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