Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Images from the trip - Part 1

Darjeeling Toy Train driver clears the coal ashes from the engine - old fashioned but effective

Darjeeling Toy Train Timetable

Tired after climbing lots of steps . . .

40 winks from meditation - we all need a little shut eye

Steep steps to one of the most important Temples in Kathmandu

Buddha - times 1000

Big (rellay BIG) sitting Buddha

Made to measure - ANY colour!

Endless stunning mountain views

On the Road to Tibet (yes, that IS the road I am standing on)

Near the border with Tibet - typical obstacles to be navigated

Must bring these tyre irons with me for the next puncture I get cycling!

Fabulous tikka colours (for application to the forehead at the Hindu Temple)

Remains awaiting cremation

Hindu Temple

Hindu Prayer Wheels - say one (or 10,000) for me

Mount Everest and nearby peaks (from the cockpit) - simply breathtaking

Elephant Riding - in search of Rhinos

Paddy fields (nice to feel at home!)

Don't you love the oar - not sure it'd be a winner at Henley

My Homestay Family

Tea! Tea! Tea!

Hi-Tech in Darjeeling - measuring moisture levels (i.e. smell them!)

Kanchenjonga - World's third highest mountain (from near our hotel, The Windamere)

Jen (a.k.a. Rosie) - my twin (well, nearly) - Kanchenjonga in the background at sunrise

Typical market spices on sale

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