Thursday, 6 October 2011

Great legs !

Great legs!

Fine breasts!

Eyes that would transfix you!

Beautiful colours!

Koshi Tappu features some 465 species of birds and it was our mission from 7am this morning to spot as many as we could. No, I am not a 'Birder' but I have to confess I got hooked on the bird-spotting fairly fast. It helped that 2 of the group knew a lot already and were full of stories about birds they'd seen all over the world. When it comes to travel I realise I am only in the halfpenny place compared to some of my fellow travellers.

On the way back we spotted some (freshwater) dolphins in the Koshi rover (which empties into the Ganges). The bridge across the river is at least 750m wide - a monster.

Off to India tomorrow to the tea plantations (I can imagine Dad's reaction if he were still around. . .). Bye Bye Nepal!

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