Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Sharma-ing the fish from the sea. . .

Sharma was our Auto driver and he smelled business.

"When did you arrive?" Friendly smile flashes in the rear view mirror.

"How long you stay in Delhi?" (No messing around.)

"How much you pay?" (This in response to our deflecting comment that we had already booked a bus tour for the next day (a bare-faced lie but our way of saying "Stop hustling us!"))

"I will charge you only 500 Rupees (about 7 euro) for the whole day. I will take you to the best places. You can come and go as you please?" (Entreating.)

His English was excellent, his driving good (by Indian standards), his Auto clean, and his logic unassailable. We agreed.

Old Delhi, old mosques, temples, museums - we saw the lot. At our leisure. Delhi was shown off at her best.

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