Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Signs of insecurity

If there is one thing worse than no security, it's a false sense of security. The airport at Kolkata reminded me. Everything about security was a nonsense:

- shortly after entering the airport, I had to put my main bag through a scanner (but not my backpack). Claiming the bag on the other side, the airport operative attached a little sticker (the bag wasn't locked, I had control of it, my daypack wasn't checked, oh! how utterly inconclusive!)

- at check-in, the bag weighed in at 24kg. Big financial penalty, apparently, but I could transfer some items to my daypack (latter neither scanned not weighed). Oh, now re-scan your big bag please. I walked back to the big scanner (about 100m) did the business and promptly transferred a heavy book from my daypack back to the bag. It could have been C4.

- bag finally deposited (no problem!), I lined up at the metal detector. The alarm promptly sounded and after a perfunctory search (cause of alarm undiagnosed) I continued to the departure gate. I was not asked to go through the scanner again.

What a waste of effort. And completely ineffective, to boot.

Grrr! I hate bad design.

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