Friday, 4 November 2011

Locked in a cell

I hadn't thought I'd find myself locked in a cell in Kolkata - with my iPad to record the fact. . .

Isn't life full of surprises? You finish the overland trip. The rest of the group goes home and you end up in a cell!

Not just any cell. Not a jail cell. A Ramakrishna cell. (No, not the "Hare! Hare! Hare Krishna!" type.)

I had better explain. I took a taxi to the NGO where I am working for the next few weeks and headed for the hotel where I had a booking. "No sir!". Polite. Firm. Unyielding. No smile. No explanation. (Thanks a lot!)

My host NGO struggled to find something local, to no avail. And came up with the idea instead of the Ramakrishna International Guest House.

Sure, who was I to argue?

The Ramakrishna building is located in South Kolkata and is both large and imposing from the outside. In addition to the museum celebrating the life of Ramakrishna, there is a grand library, video and audio features and more besides. Oh, and somewhere for the devout to stay (cells - geddit?).

So when I say cell, I mean a bed, a table and chair and a bathroom. Full stop. No TV, no WiFi, no fridge, no carpet. You do get an early morning call at 6 for prayer (well, you did sign the "I am a devout follower. . ." statement when you checked in. . .).

Oh, how we laughed.

And the great part is that sustained efforts the next day failed to secure anywhere nearer. I'm back in the Cell for another night.

I never did mind about the little things. . .

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