Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Delhi Delicacies

Claridges boasted three excellent restaurants but the best eating was in nearby restaurants/hotels.

The Imperial is the best example of Colonial Glory you could find anywhere and their High Tea is to die for: Gazpacho and other liquid temptations, tasty morsels on croissants (from smoked salmon to Parma ham), sandwiches of every description (from mandatory cucumber to Ementhal with chutney, and others too many to mention), and a range of sweeties designed to test (and defeat) your self control (dark chocolate dominating the agenda).

Bukhara (in the Marauli Sheraton) offers North West fare (stronger flavours) and the novelty of no cutlery. Lamb kebabs, Dahl (lentils and other beans slowly cooked overnight), delicious breads (roti, naan, parnatha and more) - the list went on and on.

The Taj Mahal has five restaurants and the Indian one we tried was spectacular. Not only was the food wonderful, it was presented with artistic flair. The Taj also boasted a wine list that would challenge a Michelin starred restaurant in Dublin.

So much fine dining, so little time!

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